Hi, I’m Loc

I have a real passion for Asian Food and want to share my knowledge far and wide. I get a real buzz out of teaching others my skills and recipes, empowering them to bring the taste of the exotic far east into their own homes.

I was born in Saigon, Vietnam and am one of four siblings. Cooking is a big part of Vietnamese culture and at the age of five, my grandparents taught me to cook. Bà ngoại (Granny), would take me down to the markets every morning to pick out the fresh ingredients. We would then head home and cook together for the family. 

Vietnamese Cookery School Loc
Loc's Vietnamese cookery school

My love for Vietnamese Food

The meal would be a mix of traditional Vietnamese recipes and would often consist of many small dishes served as a medley on the table. This is a tradition that still happens in the Bui household, especially on special occasions such as Tet.

For 16 years I ran a successful restaurant in the beautiful spa town of Ilkley, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. In 2020, I decided to leave the long days and late nights behind and follow my dream of passing on Vietnamese traditions and experiences to others. So, I set up an online recipe, cooking class and private chef business. This is when Loc’s Taste of Vietnam was born.

I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge of Asian food. Every time I take a cooking class or do private tuition, I get a real buzz out of teaching others my skills and recipes. There’s something special about empowering others and bringing the exotic taste of the Far East into their own homes.

Here at Loc’s Taste of Vietnam, we only ever use fresh ingredients sourced from the very best suppliers, to create our mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes that you can feast on as a family.

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Why Vietnamese food

Vietnamese food is ever-evolving, taking influence and inspiration from Indochina, including the countries of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and China. The French colonial time has also left its mark such as the traditional lunchtime Banh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich, made using a deliciously crunchy baguette. My online Vietnamese recipes and cooking classes will teach you how to fluff your rice, toss your noodles and add the Vietnamese soul to your food. You will chop, slice, marinade and cook your way to a delicious dish that will have you dancing around the kitchen.

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