Core Skills Bundle


Make fluffy jasmine rice, learn to chop like a pro and find out how to season a wok! You’ll learn essential cooking skills through our core skills video package.

In these short, core skills cooking videos, we’ll show you how to cook rice vermicelli to perfection, season a wok, chop like a pro and jasmine rice to perfection.

18 videos are included in the core skills bundle, you'll learn:

How to cook rice vermicelli

In this short, core skills cooking video, we’ll show you how to cook rice vermicelli to perfection. Rice vermicelli is often used in noodle soups or as a side dish with traditional Vietnamese recipes. We’ll help you perfect your rice vermicelli so this popular side dish can take centre stage

How to make curry powder- Loc’s famous recipe

In this video we show you how to make our famous blend of curry powder. This blend has been passed down through my family for generations and it never fails to impress. Make a batch and bob in an air-tight container so you can reach for it whenever you need to add some spice to your dishes

How to season a wok

A core skills video that will make you use your wok differently forevermore! Use this technique when you first use a new wok or use it to keep your old favourite on the road for longer. Seasoning your wok will help create a non-stick surface to make cooking and cleaning it easier

Vietnamese Baguette Recipe

This Vietnamese baguette is unreal. Bánh Mì has a light a cottony inside and a super crispy crust so if you’re looking for an authentic Vietnamese baguette recipe, look no more. In our step-by-step cooking video, we’ll show you how to make the perfect baguette from scratch and it’s easier than you might think

Dumpling pastry recipe

If like us you could eat dumplings for days, making the perfect dumpling pastry is a must! In this core-skills cooking video, Loc will teach you how to make dumpling pastry from scratch – a very satisfying skill that will make eating them even more enjoyable

Asian Pickled Vegetables            

A super simple core skills cooking video that involves just a handful of ingredients and creates a jar of pickled vegetables that you would find in every Vietnamese home. Can be served in sandwiches or as a condiment with our chicken skewers

Classic Vietnamese Dipping Sauce

This classic Vietnamese dipping sauce can be used for everything! From dipping your spring rolls to drizzling on your noodle salad. The dipping sauce we make is suitable for vegetarians and is so easy to remember when you need to create a sauce to go with your other Vietnamese creations

How to make red curry paste

We nip over the border to Thailand in this video to show you how to make red curry paste. It’s too delicious to ignore and forms the base of our awesome Thai Red curry. In this video, Loc will talk you through his version of red curry paste that has been tried and tested throughout the years

How to make tofu

In this core skills cooking video, we have step-by-step instructions on how to make your own tofu. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to make tofu once you’ve planned for this recipe. Grab a tofu press, cheese cloths and soak you Soy beans in advance and you’ll be good to go

Chilli Oil Recipe

Calling all chilli lovers – you always need to have this chilli oil in your cupboard! It’s great with everything and in this short video we’ll show you how to make the perfect chilli oil to keep in your cupboards for when you need it

Sticky Jasmine Rice Recipe

A crowd pleaser and the perfect partner to our curries, in this short cooking video you’ll learn how to make the best sticky Jasmine rice time and time again

Spring onion oil sauce

This is a simple condiment frequently found in Vietnamese cooking and often used in noodle salads or drizzled over some rice. In this core skills cooking video, we’ll show you how to make this uniquely flavoured spring onion oil sauce

How to chop like a chef

In this “how-to” video you’ll learn how to chop like a chef. From meat to vegetables and everything in between we’ll slice and dice our way around the kitchen to have you chopping like a chef in no time

How to sharpen your knife

In this “how-to” video we look at how to sharpen your knife to spring your favourite kitchen knives back into shape so you can get cooking like a pro

How to cut a garlic glove

In this “how-to” video we’ll show you how to cut a garlic clove so you can trim tips and mince your garlic cloves in seconds

How to chop onions

In this “how-to” video you’ll learn how to safely dice an onion in minutes, and we’ll answer your questions such as which end of the onion to cut off first

How to cut carrot flowers

Ever wondered how top chefs cut carrot flowers? Then this video is for you, in this step-by-step guide we’ll show you how to cut carrot flowers to complete any dish

How to de-bone chicken

In this “how-to” video we’ll teach you new knife skills, so you’ll know how to de-bone chicken in minutes. We’ll also look at how to skin a chicken and prepare the meat for your favourite Vietnamese dish


Online cooking videos

Online cooking videos

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