Shaking Beef Recipe

Serves Two

Ingredients –

2 tbsp Cooking oil

2  8-10oz Sirloin steaks

2 tsp Crushed black pepper

2-3 tsp Fish sauce

2-3 tsp Seasoning Sauce (light soy sauce)

2-3 tsp Sugar

2 tbsp Sugar

2 tbsp Crushed garlic

½ tspn Cinnamon powder or five spice powder

1 Red onion

4 Spring onion sprigs

For the salad

60-100gms Watercress

1 Red pepper

6-8 Plum tomatoes

2 Pinches of Salt & Pepper

½ Fresh Lime (serve the other half at the table with the salt and pepper mix)


2 chopping boards (one for raw meat)

Sharp knife

Pestle & Mortar (not essential)

Large heavy based frying pan or Wok

2 mixing bowls



Chop sticks or wooden spatula