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Veggie Pho - Vietnamese cookery school
Time to Ditch the Meat for January

Here in the Bui household, we’re firmly in the Flexitarian camp – mainly because when I was a kid in Vietnam, we had to eat everything – nose to tail – in order to survive. But we did eat lots of veggie and vegan dishes too – it’s a bit of a Buddhist thing in our family – so we’re totally down with the Veganuary thing.

And because we still eat lots of vegan food in our house, I’ve learned to make some pretty exciting dishes with veggies – especially during Veganuary. Whether it’s Grilled Aubergine, a simple Jasmine Rice with Spring Onion oil, or a beautiful complex Veggie Pho with King Oyster mushrooms, our tastebuds don’t get bored. And with dishes like this, we don’t miss meat.

If you’re thinking of giving up your usual cuts of meat for Veganuary, I say DO IT! You won’t regret it. But, you might want to join the membership so you can learn how to cook some amazing veggie dishes so that you don’t get bored – there’s only so many veggie curries or stir fries that you can take right?

Recently we’ve been trialing the unbelievable ALT. meat range. It’s a delicious plant protein that has the mouth feel of beef, Lamb or chicken, but it’s completely meat free! Bingo!

Veganuary alt meat

It’s made with rehydrated textured soya and potato proteins – which sounds pretty boring, but it really is fantastic. We cooked a Bahn Mi with the Alt. Tender Beefless Pieces and honestly, we couldn’t tell the difference between that and the real meat. It went down a storm with our veggie photographer and she’s well picky!

So if you’re a meat lover, but you want to give Veganuary a go, grab yourself some awesome veggies, maybe some of the Unbelievable Alt. meat (if you really think you can’t live without that kind of protein) and get cracking in the cookery school. We’ve got Sticky Ginger Chicken (or Alt. Chicken, or if you prefer, good old Tofu), Shaking Beef or a delicious Pho, and lots, lots more.

Happy cooking!


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